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Issue #1 — Winter 1999
Focus on Sunnyside, Queens   (Always FREE. Click here to download)

Markets and eateries with food of Eastern Europe, the Middle East , Turkey, India, Korea and South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador) - and Ireland, too. Highlights: Thalia Theater, showcase for Flamenco and Spanish-language theater, plus walking tour of Sunnyside Gardens, first planned garden community in the US.

Issue #2 — Spring 1999

Hamibou and Neuma Camara, seen here with their children, operated New York City’s only Gambian restaurant in the Bronx until sometime in 2006; I used to take groups there on my “Bronx Bites” tour. It’s now closed, but I loved this picture so much (and the family, too) that I’ve kept it on the Web site. Now we have lunch at a Ghanaian restaurant.
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Sunset Park‘s bustling Chinatown (8th Ave.) also has Malaysian and Vietnamese shops. The flourishing Latin American area on 5th Ave. offers great tastes & bargains (where else can you get espresso for 65¢?) Highlights: Sunset Park’s brilliant panorama of NY Harbor.

Issue #3 — Summer ‘99
Bronx & Harlem

Bronx pages focus on a neighborhood near Pelham Parkway & an enclave of African & Cambodian markets. Manhattan pages highlight African & African-American markets & eateries of central Harlem, plus historic Harlem landmarks, Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market.

Issue #4 — Autumn 1999
Astoria, Queens

Known for Greek culture & food, its markets & eateries also include Afghan, Brazilian, Colombian, Czech, Egyptian, Italian & South Asian. Highlights: Isamu Noguchi Sculpture Garden & Museum, Socrates Sculpture Park, American Museum of the Moving Image.

Issue #5 — Spring 2000
Five Kosher Neighborhoods of Brooklyn

This issue examines the best eateries & markets of Borough Park, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Kings Highway & Midwood. Highlights: Historic architecture in Williamsburg; Brooklyn Museum.

Issue #6 — Summer 2000
Back to Belmont

This issue explores bakeries, cafes, restaurants & markets in this century-old Italian neighborhood, plus its famous indoor retail market . Walking distance from Bronx Zoo & NY Botanical Garden.

Pablo Gutierrez owns Tecali Tacos on Second Avenue in East Harlem. This store represents his try at owning a piece of the American dream.
Issue #7 — Fall/Winter 2000
“Siempre” - East Harlem

In this issue we explore Caribbean & Mexican roots in this area, but also visits a French bakery, a famous pizzeria and several African markets. Highlights: El Museo del Barrio, Museum of the City of New York, Taller Boricua, Salsa Museum, murals and community gardens.

Issue #8 — Spring 2001
Crossing Streets

Crossing Continents visits bustling Jackson Heights, including its bustling South Asian and terrific Mexican and Latin American markets and eateries.

Issue #9 — Summer 2001
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

This issue explores this traditionally Polish neighborhood’s restaurants, bakeries & markets and also highlights Thai, Mexican & Italian eateries. Highlights: Landmark 19th-century historic sites & architecture.

Issue #10 — Fall/Winter 2001
Slices of Midtown (Manhattan)

In this issue I focus on three neighborhoods: The Cornucopia of 9th Ave, site of the annual food festival in May; “Little Seoul” along W. 32nd St; & “Curry Hill,” a stretch of South Asia on Lexington Ave.

Issue #11 — Spring 2002
Flushing, Queens

Where East Meets East. Covers the Chinese, Korean and South Asian markets, bakeries & eateries. Highlights: Queens Botanical Garden & “Flushing Freedom Mile.”

Making shishkebab at Tatiana’s Café at Brighton Beach.
Issue #12 — Summer 2002
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

This issue reviews the cafes, markets, bakeries & nightlife of Russian Brighton Beach as well as the “other” Brighton Beach—Turkish, Mexican & south Asian; side trips to Sheepshead Bay & Coney Island.

Issue #13 — Autumn 2002
Lower East & Chinatown

This issue explores the ever-changing Lower East Side and the constantly expanding Chinatown. Includes side trip to Little Italy and cultural resources.

Issue #14 — Winter 2002-2003
Queens Cornucopia

Profiles the global “bakery heaven” of Woodside; Richmond Hill’s bustlng “Little Guyana”; and the Uzbek, Tadjik, Persian and Russian Jewish markets of Queens’ “Silk Road” in Rego Park & Forest Hills.

Issue #15 — Spring 2003

Highlights the culinary diversity of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, including tastes of Scandinavia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Italy, Lebanon, France and many more.

Until 2006 Royce Chan sold delicious Chinese ice cream in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, but he has since relocated to Cups and Cones on East 10th Street in Manhattan. My favorite flavors are ginger and sesame.
Issue #16 — Summer 2003
Bites of the Bronx

This issue journeys to City Island, Italian Morris Park, Irish Woodlawn, and the African, Caribbean and Latin American stretches of Jerome Avenue

Issue #17 — Fall/Winter 2003
Heights of Manhattan

This issue immerses you in the history and flavors of Washington Heights, the center of Dominican migration. Also profiles historic Hamilton Heights and Hudson Heights.

Issue #18 — Spring 2004
Jamaica: It’s happening here!

This issue focuses on the many cultures within this city-in-a-city, including Guatemalan, Salvadoran, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, West Indian, Portuguese and more.

Issue #19 — Autumn 2004
Continental Divides

Once Brooklyn’s Little Italy, Bensonhurst now has burgeoning Chinese and Russian neighborhoods as well as Mexican, Turkish, south Asian, Balkan and more!

Issue #20 — Summer 2007
Slices of Uptown  (Special FREE Issue. CLICK HERE to download)

Although I covered central Harlem in Issue #3 (in 1999), this issues examines an area further west: the famous boulevards known as 6th, 7th and 8th Avenues south of Central Park, but have the more celebratory names of Malcolm X Boulevard, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and Frederick Douglass Boulevard north of the Park. Along these avenues and side streets, new buildings and up-market rehabs have risen steadily during the last decade, bringing along generic retail—banks and drug stores—and also some great new eateries. My hope here is to identify wonderful places that signify the best of Harlem and that I hope will continue to represent it as Harlem evolves.

Making noodles in Elmhurst
Making noodles in Elmhurst!

Issue #21 — Winter 2008 - 2009
The United States of Staten Island  

This issue focuses on Tompkinsville, a fascinating multinational enclave which features Albanian, Sri Lankan, Mexican, Caribbean, and other tastes from around the world. It is also the only real neighborhood in Staten Island that is walkable and noshable! Recipes feature a delicious Balkan vegetable dip and a Sri Lankan curry. This issue also features three sidetrips, including an exploration of historic St. George and visits to other destinations that offer good food and rich history. Lots of surprises!

Issue #22 — Winter 2009 - 2010
Abundance in Elmhurst  

This issue illuminates the richness of the Asian and Latin American presence in Elmhurst, Queens. A key focus is on East and South East Asian destinations, including Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and Chinese food. There's also a side trip to Peruvian, Colombian, Mexican, Argentinian and Spanish food venues.

Caribbean Brooklyn - Carnival!
Caribbean Brooklyn

Issue #23 — Winter 2011
Caribbean Brooklyn - Carnival!  

This issue showcases the delicious food and rich culture of the Caribbean neighborhoods of Prospect Lefferts and other parts of Flatbush, Brooklyn, with a side trip to Chassidic (Jewish) Crown Heights. Your journey to the West Indies (including a history of the famous annual West Indian-American Parade - requires no more than a Metrocard, an appetite and the willingness to try something new! Feast on Trinidadian doubles, Jamaican roti, Guyanese "banga mary" and other island specialties! And bring an extra shopping bag - produce here is high quality and inexpensive!

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